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                                         RATES & SERVICES*

Computer Cleaning                         $25.00 / Unit                          Clean inside/outside of case, remove dust and other                                                                                                 foreign materials from all components.

Motherboards                                 $50.00                          Removal & Install of new motherboard and processor.

Drives                                            $30.00                           Installation of new drive(DVD, Hard drive)

Memory                                          $25.00                            Installation of new memory sticks.

Back-up                                         $45.00                            Back-up computer files to internal/external device.

Anti-Virus Software                         $30.00                            Installation of virus software and or removal of virus.

Software Install                               $30.00                            Installation of any new software.

OS Install                                       $50.00                            Installation of OS new or restore to like new.

On-Site Service                              $40.00/Hour                    Only charged if service is performed.

In Shop Service                              $25.00 Bench Fee           Charge only applies if we do service,Inspections always free

Complete Computer Set-up           $80.00                  Install New PC, Transfer Photos,Music,Documents,ETC.

                                                                                Install Accessories, Make Recovery Disks,Install Anti-Virus             

                                                                                Software, One Hour of Instruction Included         

Wireless Network Set-up              $90.00 + Router      Install wireless router,connect to internet,create

                                                                                 wireless network, train on how to use.

Training Basics to Advanced         $30.00/Hour            Provide training on any topic you need help with.

Group Lessons                            $45.00/Hour 

  * Prices are for Customer Provided Components/Software, If not prices will be for Services+Parts 

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