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Laptop Services-

Replacement of Motherboard                              $100+Cost Of Motherboard

Laptop Screen Replacement                                $65.00+ Parts

Laptop Keyboard Replacement                            $40.00+ Parts

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement                          $40.00+ Parts

(Includes Installation,Formatting & Re-installation of Operating System)

Laptop Cleaning                                                  $45.00

( Includes dis-assembly cleaning internal components, cleaning of outside of case & screen)

Custom Builds                                                     $75.00+ Parts   Includes customer picked parts, Install of operating 

                                                                                                  System, and complete testing

Printer Repair                                                     $65.00+ Parts

System Restore                                                   $60.00-80.00    Includes saving of desktop files,my documents folder,

                                                                                                  music,and any game saves,we can't save programs      

                                                                                                  they must be reloaded using original disks,we will 

                                                                                                  re-install basic programs you need to operate,any 

                                                                                                  other programs customer provided or requested. 

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